About Us

alterVoice is an attempt to provide an alternative voice to matters of church and theological concern.

This blog is administered by a collective of concerned ecumenical Christians who seek to consider contemporary issues from the perspective of faith. It seeks to provide a forum which will enable a creative and critical reflection on matters relevant for Christianity and Church life in India. We hope it to be a space which will be able to speak truth to power and raise critical question about the life and the work of the church, theology and the substance and content of ministerial and ecumenical formation.

This blog intends to encourage discussion about a wide variety of subjects in language that is accessible to all. This blog is administered by

Joel Ashirwadam

Joseph Prabhakar Dayam

Sweety Helen

L. Jayachitra

Inbaraj Jeyakumar

Issac Bennet Joshua

Paul Lawrence

Rueben Manohar

Immanuel Nehemiah

Chrisida Nithyakalyani

Allan Palanna

Raj Bharat Patta

Solomon Paul

Eve Rebecca Parker

Philip Vinod Peacock

Peniel Rufus

Esther Parajuli

Kadivedu Joshua Samuel

Amitha Santiago

Submissions to the blog can be made to any of the above or can be emailed to altervoice101@gmail.com. The blog administrators reserve editorial privilege. Submissions which are personal attacks or directed at specific institutions or which do not use inclusive and expansive language will not be published.

Kindly note that the views expressed in the blog are the sole responsibility of the authors.


1 Response to About Us

  1. Great and much needed initiative! Looking forward to reading, learning and un-learning through this blog. All the best!

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